Onyx Subtitler Info

Feature List

  • Choice of open caption, Teletext or US Closed captions
  • Single or multiple streams in a file
  • Translator file with either blank, timecoded subtitles or a completely empty stream.  Both languages are shown together in video
  • Full language support with optional sub regions (eg English UK or US)
  • TrueType font for open caption
  • Reading rates and minimum gaps set per file or stream
  • Import and export of supported formats at both the file and stream level
  • Subtitle zero
  • Style, position and timing operations on an entire stream
  • Colour, italic, underline style at subtitle level or sections of text
  • Many timecode capture and manipulation operations
  • Video encoding that allows audio scrubbing
  • Find and Replace
  • Checking for timecode, reading rates, gaps, spelling
  • Shortform support
  • GSI metadata

Supported File Formats

  • PAC
  • Plain and timecoded text
  • SRT
  • DFXP

Supported Video Formats

  • QuickTime MOV, MP4, MPEG1 and WMV
  • PAL, NTSC, HD, Digital Cinema, Film

Technical Requirements

  • Onyx requires .NET Framework version 4.5 and QuickTime to be installed. The installer checks and installs them if necessary.
  • A Microsoft Office licence is required for the spell checking feature to work. Ensure all languages are enabled in Office.
  • The following OS are supported: Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • A large screen resolution is needed for the user interface, 1280 x 720 is advised as a minimum.
  • 2GB or RAM as a minimum. More will speed up video recoding.

See here for a list of update release notes.

See here for detailed information on supported file formats.