What we do

Subtitle Production:

Our subtitling software is called ONYX and we have just released our editor Onyx Subtitler in May 2014.  This first version is ideal for freelance originating or translating.  The Subtitler is a well-featured system with an ever broadening support for video and subtitling file formats available at a sensible price.  Vista and versions 7 and 8 of Windows are supported using the .NET Framework.

ONYX has accurate video and timecode playback for several formats.  There is full Unicode editing support for all languages.  It supports an increasing number of common file formats.

It supports multiple streams of subtitles for language translation.  It has clever timecode handling and modeless editing, fixing or replay.

It has a self-explanatory UI to enable the user to quickly learn keystrokes to allow more efficient use of the system.

Finally, a range of subtitle checking, including MS Office spell checking, are provided to ensure quality output every time.

When a new format or features is available the software will automatically update itself.

File Conversion:

We can convert files between formats or manipulate timecodes between different video standards.

In an ever-changing world new formats can appear and our aim is to respond quickly giving quality output when it is needed, within days or even hours if possible.

We have experience of a large number of file formats.

We have generated high quality images with timing info for DVD formats or Final Cut Pro.

We have converted timecoded files between different video standards.

Bespoke Integration Development:

We can provide software integration for Newsroom, transmission, file exchange,

We have knowledge and experience of:

  • Polling iNews to update live running orders, story text and converting it into subtitles.
  • ENPS using MOS protocol
  • Transmission using NEWFOR and other Teletext protocols
  • US Closed Caption Ctrl+A protocol and others
  • Converting or archiving large numbers of subtitle files

We can also develop applications in other fields as we have a large range of experience in different technologies and platforms.