File Conversion

We can convert files between formats or manipulate timecodes between different video standards.

In an ever-changing world new formats can appear and our aim is to respond quickly giving quality output when it is needed, within days or even hours if possible.

We have experience of:

  • Text files, timecoded or plain with any recognisable structure
  • RTF and HTML files as above
  • Common third-party formats such as PAC, 890.
  • US Closed Caption files
  • SubRip files (SRT)
  • EBU Timed Text
  • Many more

We have generated:

  • High quality images with timing info
  • DVD formats
  • Final Cut Pro

We have converted timecoded files between:

  • PAL, NTSC, HD, Digital Cinema
  • SMPTE, Feet and Frames

We will try to decode any file format given a specification or a number of samples assuming it is not encrypted.