Subtitle Production

FullScreen2-480Our subtitling software is called ONYX and we have just released our editor Onyx Subtitler.  This was released in May 2014.  This will be a homeworker, light edition with more advanced versions and complete systems to follow.

The homeworker is a well-featured system at a sensible price.  Vista and versions 7 and 8 of Windows are supported using the .NET Framework.

ONYX has accurate video and timecode playback for MOV, MP4, WMV and MPG1 formats in PAL, NTSC, HD or Digital Cinema.  There is support for all languages including regions.  It can distinguish generic English from either English US or UK for example.  All editing is full Unicode.

The system uses an extended version of DFXP Timed Text, an open XML format but has support for the translation from or to other formats including STL.

The system supports multiple streams of subtitles for language translation.  Timecode control is intelligent allowing for long sequences of subtitles to be manipulated easily.  Editing, fixing or replay are seamless rather than modal.  The system works out what you are doing rather you telling it.  The user interface is modern and clear focusing on the subtitles and the media.  It has a self-explanatory UI to enable the user to quickly learn keystrokes to allow more efficient use of the system.

Finally, a full range of subtitle checking, including MS Office spell checking, are provided to ensure quality output every time.