Who we are

Purple Dragon Media Limited was founded in February 2013, by Mark White, who has nearly twenty years’ experience working in the subtitling software industry.

Mark was the designer and engineer of a subtitling system, creating what is considered a world leader with Newsroom integration and the offline systems that are used by major broadcasters.

Purple Dragon was founded to offer not only quality preparation products but give advice on anything to do with subtitling and to offer file conversion services.

Purple Dragon has a vast and varied experience:

  • Newsroom integration: extracting rundown information and story text from iNews, ENPS and other MOS interfaces to generate subtitle files in real time
  • Extensive knowledge of industry file formats: STL, PAC, 890, DFXP, EBU TT, Closed Caption formats, and many more
  • Many transmission protocols as well as designing a bespoke system
  • High quality image production for DVD, CAPGEN, Final Cut Pro
  • Repurposing files by timecode adjustment or conversion
  • Digital Cinema output
  • MS Office proofing integration for all supported languages
  • A detailed knowledge of the TrueType font format
  • QuickTime Movie encoding and playback
  • Shot change detection
  • Teletext, Open Caption, DVB and US Closed Captioning

Purple Dragon’s objective is to provide quality when it is needed: quickly.